Two-thirds of American men suffer from hair loss! What are your option

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Posted on : October 13, 2016 | Author: John Kahen

About two-thirds of American men suffer from hair loss of varying degrees by the time they’re 35. If treated early, medications like Rogaine or Propecia or PRP injections can help thinning hair to grow thicker and healthier. But by the time hair follicles are dead, hair transplant surgery is the only viable option to regrowing hair. The good news is that these surgeries are highly effective and very safe. In general, you’ll receive one of two hair transplant methods: FUT (Strip) or FUE. In the first, follicular unit transplantation, a strip of skin from the back of the scalp is removed and then cut into tiny grafts. Another technique, called follicular unit extraction, is performed by a hair transplant doctor taking small, individual grafts from several areas on the head, leaving no strip scar at all. With FUE, hair transplants can actually be performed in some cases where either the donor or recipient site is not located on the scalp. In a facial hair transplant, beard hair can be used to fill in bald spots on the head. In another instance, hair from the head can be used for an eyebrow restoration surgery. FUE techniques have expanded to provide many more options than simply taking hair from one part of the head to conceal bald spots and receding hairlines. 


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