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Posted on : October 14, 2016 | Category : All | Author: John Kahen

A common hair transplant misconception is that the person will have a full head of hair right after the procedure is done. For a many reasons, this is not the case and it can take up to a full year, or even longer, for the hair transplant results to be finalized.

While hair transplants are safe and efficient procedures, they also hold a long term process. For the average hair transplant person, the initial growth is slow and the hairs that do grow in are short and thin. After some time, additional hair growth will be noticed and this growth will continue to improve up to one year plus.  Being educated as to how the transplanted hair grows will help to maintain expectations realistic.

Depending on a variety of different factors the hair growth is unique to every case, including but not limited to the health of the person and the overall success of the hair transplant surgery. Hairs are expected to fall out a couple of weeks after the hair transplant surgery has taken place. This is absolutely normal and it occurs to all hair grafts after any hair transplant surgery. The following weeks, months, normally within the first 3 months, few new hairs growing in are expected. The hair may not grow in evenly at first but will eventually. The new hair will gain thickness and fullness as the days go by.

Approximately about 6 months following the hair transplant surgery, the person will notice a greater amount of growth, and the hair that is growing will have luster and fullness. Between 6 months and 1 year the person will experience the most significant difference from before the hair transplant took place. The hair will have more luster and fullness than ever before and the overall look will have much more density. The appearance of the person at this point is often dramatically different than before the procedure took place. After a full year has passed since the hair transplant procedure, the person will see the final result. However, it is possible to see additional improvements even after one year after the hair restoration procedure.

While it may take a while for all the transplanted hairs to grow in evenly, even as long as up to 1 year, the hair that is growing is permanent and will continue to grow for a life time to come. This new hair will look and feel like any other hair on the scalp and can be handled just like normal hair would. It requires no special treatment and can be styled in any way. While a hair transplant can dramatically improve the overall look of someone with a balding head, it is definitely also a long term procedure where the client needs to be patient and have faith in the whole process