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Posted on : October 14, 2016 | Author: John Kahen | Category: Hair Transplant

Hair loss can affect men and women, and can be a cause for loss of confidence, affecting a person's happiness and quality of life. Hair transplantation is recognized as the safest, most effectively proven technique for restoring hair permanently.

The procedure is carried out under local anesthesia and patients are in the clinic for about 6 hours. As a leading hair transplant clinic, we carry out a maximum of one hair transplants per day; this allows the surgical team to carry out their work to a meticulous standard with no set time frame. A detailed personal estimate is always prepared following this first consultation and with relief; patients discover that despite the highly skilled intricacy of the procedure, the hair restoration cost is in no way prohibitive. Typically, the cost of hair transplant equates to that of a family holiday but, of course, unlike a holiday, the benefits of hair restoration are permanent.

  • Strip Procedure Cost per Session:?$3-6 per graft based on quantity
  • Lunch Time 500 Grafts Procedure:?$3000
  • FUE Follicular Unit Extraction:?$8 per graft

The cost "per graft" can be as low as $3. The cost per graft is greatly reduced as the number of grafts per procedure increases. We assert that you will get more value for your money at our office than you will get at any of our competitors - including the so-called "bargain-priced" clinics. The bottom line: The VALUE is where the EXPERTISE is.

Consider not the "COST PER GRAFT" but the COST PER GRAFT THAT GROWS; you cannot get a better value than you do with the vastly experienced, scientifically dedicated, compulsively artistic staff at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration. We offer free consultations and a complimentary follow-up. No hidden fees! Make a consultation appointment online or call us at 310-289-0901.


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