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Posted on : October 14, 2016 | Category : All | Author: John Kahen

The med­ical rea­sons behind hair loss are such a vari­ant — it’s not some­thing you can just Google for an answer. Genetic hair loss is one vari­ant, but it’s not the only rea­son behind hair loss. Tem­po­rary hair loss, also called tef­flum efflu­vium, occurs for sev­eral rea­sons and is one of the main rea­sons for female hair loss. Some of our female patients at our Los Ange­les hair restora­tion clinic think their hair loss is genetic — when it’s actu­ally tem­po­rary. There are a few options for this cause of hair loss, but some­times the hair loss can become per­ma­nent and hair restora­tion is the only option.

One cause of tem­po­rary female hair loss is wear­ing the hair pulled back too tight. Another cause could be over-processing of the hair or nutri­tional defi­cien­cies. Once you visit your doc­tor to find the cause of your hair loss, the next step is the treatment.

Treat­ment options for female hair loss:

  1. Minox­i­dil — Rogaine for Women is one option to help with hair regrowth. It has been shown to help stop andro­ge­netic alope­cia and even pos­si­bly regrow hair.
  2. Laser Ther­apy — Another option for hair loss is a laser comb, such as the Hair­Max Laser Comb by Lex­ing­ton. It is the only laser­comb approved by the FDA to help with hair regrowth. The results vary from per­son to person.
  3. Hair Trans­plant — When tem­po­rary hair loss turns into per­ma­nent hair loss, a hair trans­plant is a more likely option and one of the only available.