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Posted on : October 14, 2016 | Category : Hair Loss | Author: John Kahen

With the busy agendas we push ourselves to accomplish daily, we are bound to be stressed out and exhausted. We forget to slow down and take care of ourselves, which results in other stress-related conditions to occur. When you get up in the morning and are getting ready to work, if you were to run your hand through your hair, it will come away with multiple strands, more than the usual. And again when you wash your hair, more hair loses. Such is the human body, it acts and reacts to everything we do and eat. Therefore, it is essential to take care of our body and try keeping calm and relaxed to avoid hair loss conditions. Some of the other causes could be hormonal imbalance, thyroid levels are not correct, indigestion, taking of certain medication, or addicted to drugs. If you are under treatment for some other ailment and have been taking medication continuously and notice hair loss, you will also see it stops when you stop taking the pills. So, this is just a temporary condition and nothing major. People have today realized the value of using natural products since they have little or no side effects and are effective.

1.  Alter your diet

A sure shot way by which one can promote hair growth is to watch their diet. Every time you eat a chip or take a drag of a cigarette, you need to remember you are harming your body. Therefore, by keeping track of what you put into your mouth, you can help cleanse your system and help hair grow better. If you are overweight, you will need to control the amount of food and the kind of food you consume, and this will gradually reflect on your hair’s health.

2. Avoid using chemicals and changing brands

If there is any certain shampoo or serum that you have been using on your hair based on your hair expert’s opinion, do not change the brand suddenly.  You might see multiple advertisements and promotions for shampoos that promote hair growth or give you long luscious hair, don’t get tempted by these and fall for them. You might be subjecting your hair to stronger doses of chemicals. Instead, opt for aloe vera or protein-rich shampoo with a good conditioner to keep the nutrients intact and help the scalp get more blood.

There are shampoos that are made using walnut bark or kelp oil that will help keep your scalp clean and stop the problems of thinning or balding. When you are done washing your hair, it will not be dry but will have certain essential oils remaining in the strands to help them grow better.

3. Hormonal balances

Upon consulting your endocrinologist, you will be prescribed medication that will bring your hormones into control, and curb the production of DHT. This will automatically aid in hair growth.