Scalp scabs after hair transplant surgery

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Posted on : October 14, 2016 | Author: John Kahen | Category: All

Patients should be very careful if they pull scabs off and should be aware that they put themselves at risk of removing the graft. There are actually two types of scabs; one of the two is stuck only to the hair and the other type is stuck to the actual surface of the graft. In a study it showed that for the first two days, pulling on a scab always resulted in a lost graft, the chances of the graft being completely removed startes to decrease by the third day. Pulling on scabs that were stuck to the surface always resulted in a lost graft through day 1-5 however, by days 10 ? 14 post- op, grafts are?at a lower risk of ?being dislodged. You must be gentle with scabs if you are going to chose to pull them off, regardless of the time frame you still risk the chance of pulling the graft out as well. If you follow the washing technique we outline for you in our post-op instructions the scabs should come off on their own. The use of GraftCyte which is a copper-peptied moist dressing, hydrates the area, as well as provides micronutrients to speed the healing of the follicles and will be able to eliminate surface crusting while allowing the coagulum that formed around the graft, to hold it firmly in place.


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