Robotic Hair Transplant vs Manual Hair Transplant

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Posted on : January 11, 2018 | Author: John Kahen | Category: Hair Transplant

Robotic Hair Transplant vs Manual Hair Transplant

A Robotic hair transplant is a procedure where a physician guides the robot in the FUE hair transplantation. While a robot is performing the procedure the physician and the medical techs are assisting in the graft selection, along with mapping out the desired donor area. The main difference during a personal procedure at BHHR is the physician in selecting the grafts as he’s personally harvesting the grafts. While robots are assisted in the procedure we can’t compare the dedication and time given by a physician to a robot.

When harvesting the grafts we can see the quality up close and personal. We carefully harvest hair grafts to ensure they’re treated respectfully to ensure their survival. Technology can be beneficial in many areas of the medical field, however, when it has to a procedure as intimate as hair transplantation, we prefer to do the procedure by human hand. Unfortunately, we’ve seen many patients who’ve had botched surgeries performed by robotics. While we’re grateful for the advancement of technology in the medical field we’ll keep to performing manual hair transplantation to ensure our patients get the maximum results possible.

During your consultation at BHHR we can show you real results performed by a real surgeon, Dr. John Kahen. A hair transplantation is a dedicated procedure and we give our patients our undivided attention. Whether you go with FUE or FUT, we’ll be there, personally, with you the entire time.


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