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Posted on : September 01, 2015 | Author: John Kahen | Category: Hair

Psychological Effects of Hair Loss

There are many psychological effects in both men and women when they experience hair loss and hair thinning. Mostly because hair is a large part of an individuals identity. Almost every society in the world associates hair with youth, beauty, and good health so it is no wonder why hair loss possesses psychological effects on a person. Hair loss has numerous causes usually genetics or health conditions such as a thyroid problems and cancer treatments just to name a few.

When a woman notices excessive hair loss or hair thinning, she believes she is no longer beautiful. She may find herself overly self-conscious, unattractive, feeling anxious and vulnerable. For men, hair is also key to their psyche. To men, their hair represents their virility and, like women, when they begin to notice extreme hair loss such as noticeable thinning or balding areas, they will believe they are losing their youth. When people begin to experience hair loss they will tend to avoid social functions thus become more solitary until they learn how to cope with their situation and or seek treatment.

The key to tackling the emotional side effects of hair loss is nothing more than upholding a positive attitude. After all, hair loss is not a life threatening disease and is often times relatively easy to control. There are a cornucopia of avenues to take to permanently cure hair loss such as hair restoration surgery, a simple procedure that takes very little time to recover from. Other options include platelet rick plasma (PRP) therapy, and in some cases prescribed and over the counter medications will do the trick.

Hair plays an important role in determining self-image, social perceptions, and psychosocial functioning. Weather its embarrassment, loss of confidence, shyness, jealousy toward those that do not share your same problem, tiredness of masking your appearance under a cap, fear of rejection or other self esteem problems,  there are ways to cope with these changes occurring to your body.


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