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Posted on : October 14, 2016 | Author: John Kahen

Tip Sheet from Beverly Hills Hair Restoration: 5 Ways to Check for Hair Loss & Causes

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, a Los Angeles hair transplant clinic dedicated to natural results, offers these five tips to check for hair loss

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 28, 2013

When first determining if someone is experiencing genetic hair loss, there are several tests a hair transplant surgeon or dermatologist will do to determine what is causing the hair loss, the stage and what treatment options are fitting. Beverly Hills Hair Restoration offers these five tips to check for hair loss.

Tip #1: Rule out diseases and other serious conditions
Before even checking for hair loss, make sure that all conditions and diseases re ruled out first. Thyroid conditions and other illnesses can have physical implications on the body, such as hair loss.

Tip #2: The Hair Test
Run your hands through the hair or brush it forward with a comb and see how many hairs fall out. Typically, about 100 hairs are lost a day and this is normal, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. If more significant amounts of hair are falling out, this could be a sign of abnormal hair loss.

A study called the ’60 Second Hair Test,’ as reported by CBS News, studied 60 men, between the ages of 20 and 60, with no signs of male pattern baldness. The men were given the same shampoo to use and the same brush for three consecutive days. The results “showed younger men shed an average of 10.2 per 60-second test and the older men shed an average of 10.3 hairs per test,” as stated in the CBS article. And this is considered a practical tool, but is only for men.

Tip #3: Female Hair Loss Check
Part the hair in the center of the scalp and check the part to see if it has widened at all. Women sometimes do not experience genetic hair loss in the same pattern as men, and the hair is lost in more of a diffuse pattern, where the hairline remains intact and the top is more affected.

Tip #4: Live by the Motto ‘You Are What You Eat’
Check diet and nutrition to make sure malnourishment or a lack of certain vitamins or minerals is not causing the hair loss. Crash dieting or restricted diets can have implications on the health of the hair and nutrition and hair loss can sometimes be related.

Tip #5: When in Doubt, Seek Professional Opinion
Contact your doctor or a hair transplant surgeon for a scalp analysis to determine if the hair loss is abnormal and to explore possible treatment options. Hair loss is better treated in the earlier stages of the condition, and once it’s gone, the likelihood of the treatment options become less effective is much higher.

More about Beverly Hills Hair Restoration:
Beverly Hills Hair Restoration is a hair transplant clinic in Los Angeles dedicated to helping men and women suffering from hair loss find a permanent and natural solution for the condition. Located in prestigious Beverly Hills, BHHR offers World Class in Hair Restoration and provides hair restoration and hair loss prevention treatments worldwide!


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