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Posted on : October 14, 2016 | Author: John Kahen | Category: Hair Loss

If you are experiencing hair loss, you might be feeling frustrated and unhappy with your appearance.  You may have already tried the numerous hair loss cures on the market without any real success.  Not all hair loss aides are useless.  Hair loss cures depend mostly on hair replacement costs.  Technology has given us many ways to successfully restore our hair once it starts falling out.

Surgical Options

Obviously, these are the most expensive procedures. Hair implants, or “grafts” as they are often called, are taken from an area of the scalp with lots of healthy hair. These grafts are then surgically placed in the area where the hair is thinning or gone completely. Almost all hair restoration surgeons will charge by the graft. This fee can range from $3-$10 a graft. The overall cost of the surgery will depend on how much scalp will need to be covered. The average man will need about 1,000-2,500 grafts. You may need more or less.  Since this is a permanent solution for hair loss, it is worth the cost.

Prescription Medications

Currently, Finasteride, commonly known as Propecia, is one of the most popular hair loss treatments for men. It is not approved for use in women. This drug has been proven to stop hair loss in most patients, but some also report significant regrowth, as well. This prescription medication will generally cost $70-$120 a month. The problem is if the medication is no longer taken; the hair loss will start again.

Topical Solutions

You are probably familiar with minoxidil, which is more commonly known as Rogaine. This topical solution is available over-the-counter and is effective at stopping hair loss. It has also been shown to promote the growth of new hair in some people. Minoxidil is approved for use in women; however, the lower strength seems to work better for women than the stronger one. Rogaine can be found in most pharmacies. This hair restoration costs about $30 for a month’s supply. If the treatment is stopped, hair loss will begin again.

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