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Posted on : October 14, 2016 | Category : All | Author: John Kahen

 The NeoGraft Hair Transplant automates the FUE (follicular unit extraction) procedure, and "involves a short, quick, rotational spin allowing for safe, fast and gentle extraction of the hair follicle." What sets the NeoGraft apart from other automated devices is the low risk it has of harming the hair follicle - allowing the surgeon to make very precise incisions without breaking the follicle.

Regulation of the NeoGraft

One of the biggest controversies with the NeoGraft is its lack of regulation - not all states require that the Neograft be handled by a medical professional. While this remains a non-issue in California (the NeoGraft is regulated in California) other states treat the NeoGraft under the same requirements as a laser hair removal device or tattoo removal device - leaving it possible for anyone to open up a hair restoration clinic without being a trained medical doctor.

Do Your Research

It is important to always research the clinic before committing to hair restoration there. Although the NeoGraft has simplified and automated the extraction of the FUE procedure, it does not mean it's completely sound and can be performed by anyone that can turn on the machine. Nor has it automated the most crucial part of the hair transplant - the specialization of hair restoration is centered around the actual transplant and placement of the follicles. Experts in hair restoration are precise with the density and the angle of the hair follicles. What results in a "pluggy" look is when all the hair follicles are transplanted at the same angle unnatural to the hairline of the patient. Here at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, Dr. Kahen is an expert at accomplishing amazing density of the hair, as well as the angle of the transplanted hair follicles - resulting in natural growth and an undetecable transplant. It's important when choosing a hair restoration doctor in Los Angeles or anywhere, that they understand the importance of density and the angle of the transplanted hair.

Keep in Mind...

What results in a natural hair transplant is the placement of the transplanted follicles and the density. The NeoGraft was invented to simplify the extraction process, and also to lessen the chances of breaking the follicle. It does not insure that the transplant of the hair is done properly. Experts in hair transplant specialize in this - Dr. Kahen analyzes the natural growth of the hairline and mimics that growth for a natural result.