How long does it take to see the final results after a hair transplant?

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Posted on : October 14, 2016 | Category : All | Author: John Kahen

It takes 8 months to a year to see the full results after a hair restoration procedure. After undergoing a hair transplant the grafts go through a bit of an adjustment period. Hair has two main growth phases; Telogen which is the growing phase and Anagen which is the dormant phase. When hair grows it grows continuously for a few years. Once this telogen phase comes to an end the hair goes into the anagen phase. During this three to five month period the hair shaft not only stops growing it actually falls out. This can be at any time during the anagen phase and can even happen at the end of the anagen phase due to the new hair regrowing in the old hair’s place and is pushing the old hair out.

There is not a reason known for why a hair transplant actually triggers the anagen phase (resting phase) of a hair follicle’s cycle. This is why between three and five weeks post-op all the hair fall out. It is completely normal and patients should not be alarmed. The hair stays dormant for three to five months but some patients will sprout earlier. Once the hair starts to grow it doesn’t come in all at once. There are some areas that come in sooner than others so in the beginning the new growth will appear fuller in some areas. Around six months 60 % of the hair usually starts to poke through and by eight to ten months all of the grafts should have come through. It’s important as a patient to understand the hair growth cycle, this way they have a much more clear understanding on what to expect. The more patients understand and obtain knowledge will decrease any concerns that may have.