How hair shaft abnormalities can cause hair loss?

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Posted on : October 14, 2016 | Author: John Kahen | Category: All

Trichorrehexis nodosa gives hair a paint brush like look. This is because the hair fiber has a defect that damages the cuticle layer resulting in the disruption of the cortex; this is just one example of a hair shaft abnormality. There are many types of hair shaft abnormalities; one of the most common is Trichorrhexis Nodosa. Trichorrehexis nodosa is a focal defect in the hair fiber. The cuticle layer is completely absent, this cause a large number of frying and swelling nodes that are evident in particular spots along the length of the hair fiber. The cuticle is the layer that provides physical support, and protection of the cortex. The exposure of the cortex layer to chemicals in the environment leads to damage and diminution of the strength of the hair fiber, the cortex becomes weak and the hair may split and fray into minute strands so defectively that the cuticle will break down and as you brush your hair the hair fiber may break. The cause of it can be congenital. Some individuals have naturally weak hair where the cuticle is not properly produced. It can also be acquired as a result of excessive hair manipulation and over processing. Treatment for trichorrhexis nodosa depends on the cause. If congenital it would be advised to seek treatmentthat improves the strength of the hair fiber and follicle. If the cause is acquired through excessive hair manipulation obvious treatment would be to reduce the amount of hair manipulation.

Types of Trichorrhexis nodosa

  •          Proximal trichorrhexis nodosa
  •          Distal trichorrhexis nodosa

The more severe of the two is proximal trichorrhexis. Often if occurs in Afro-Caribbean people because their hair is very tight and curly.Distal trichorrhexis nodosa occurs in straighter hair. The surface of the hair becomes dry and dull, for the reason that to the shaft is being defected by the nodules.


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