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Posted on : October 14, 2016 | Author: John Kahen | Category: All

So you've lost a significant amount of hair. Can we really prevent hair loss? Can the hair be restored? Can we 'cover' the hair loss? 90% of the products you see advertised for hair loss are not really intended to treat hair loss at all. The majority of the time it is just a marketing tool intended to trick consumers into buying it. You've seen them, countless advertisements and websites for hair loss products. Everything from hair fiber spray, hair thickening shampoos and powders. These products do not affect the biochemistry of hair loss, hair loss continues. In turn, there are no guarantee of results when using any hair loss products, medical treatments or natural remedies. Hair loss at any age will hurt a man's self-esteem. 40% of men start noticing thinning hair in their twenties. Over a third will be prepared to spend at least 30% of their earnings on hair loss products. To every method there are always pros and cons, but why spend so much of your hard earned money on temporary relief. There are only two ways you can expect to have full amount of hair back: non-surgical replacement system (a hair piece) and a hair transplant.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System (Hair Piece)

Toupee is a hairpiece of partial wig of natural or synthetic hair worn to cover partial baldness. An obvious benefit of hair pieces is the immediacy in which results can be seen. Rather than having to wait weeks for substantial hair "growth" to be apparent, the results of a hair piece can be seen right away. Despite the lower cost, the results of a hair piece are not at all permanent. Another downside of opting for this means of treating thinning hair is also the very drastic change of appearance from instantly having a full head of hair. Rather than a more gradual filling out, the change to a full man can often seem unnatural.

Hair Restoration Surgery/Hair Transplant

Hair transplants can be effective in curbing signs of aging in that they offer a more permanent solution to hair loss than hair pieces or wigs. Remember, the keyword here is PERMANENT. Hair transplants can also give you a more natural, fuller look than simply buying a hair piece. You also have the satisfaction of knowing that it is your REAL hair that is providing you with a more youthful look, not synthetic material or another person's hair. Also, the hair restoration procedure itself is not painful. When deciding on which of the above mentioned hair loss options will work best for you, think about the money you will be spending and how long your results will last. Hair restoration ?surgery may seem like a drastic alternative, but the technology and innovative technique has made it so minimally invasive that patients can go back to their daily lives within days of the procedure.


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