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Posted on : October 14, 2016 | Author: John Kahen

With today’s advances in cosmetic surgery hair loss sufferers can regrow the hair they lost with a hair transplant procedure, but the harsh reality is not everyone is a candidate. To be a possible candidate, you must have a sufficient amount of donor's hair. The most common donor site for hair transplant surgery is on the head.  If the sides and back of your head have full lustrous hair, you are in luck.  This hair can be used as donor's hair to replace the hair you have lost on your balding spots.  If your hair in these areas is not healthy, you face a difficult problem.

If you have lost your hair due to genetics, or family history, you will likely be a good candidate for hair transplant surgery.  Men who have hair loss in their families usually have a good idea of the way the baldness pattern will play out.

Your relatives may have had hair that went bald into a horseshoe pattern and held at that stage.  If this is the case, your surgeon will know what to expect.  Then, he can take hair from the sides and back of your head as donor's hair and perform the hair transplant.

If you have lost your hair because of some kind of trauma or burns, you will also make a good candidate for hair transplant surgery.  This is because the hair you still have will probably still be healthy.  It will provide good donor hair for your hair transplant.  The most likely situation is that you will have enough hair to make this possible.  However, if you have lost too much hair, a hair transplant may not be possible.

Hair loss suffers can benefit greatly from hair transplant surgery. The first step towards finding out if you’re a good candidate is scheduling a consultation with a hair restoration surgeon. At the time of the consult, the doctor will make a complete assessment and discuss the options best to fit your individual wants and needs.


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