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Posted on : October 14, 2016 | Author: John Kahen | Category: Hair

Hair transplant results matter - Results. Results. Results. After a hair transplant, is there really anything better? Once the procedure is done and the scalp has healed, all that matters now is the growth. Many patients at our Los Angeles hair transplant clinic want to know what's normal, what's not and finally - when will I see growth?

The First Five Months

The first five months after the procedure is the beginning stage. Although some patients may see hair growth during this initial phase, it's generally likely that growth will be visible after those five months. Typically, when the hair begins to grow, it grows thin, colorless and wispy - and only continues to mature for the next 17 months or so. During about the ninth month, hair has almost reached its maturity. As the hair continues to grow in, it gets darker and thicker.

The Final Phase

The final mature stage of the hair does not occur until about the 16th-18th month after the procedure. It's important to note that every one is different, and hair grows differently for each patient. It may grow more on one side of the scalp than the other, and this is perfectly normal. Many hair transplant patients become concerned when they don't see immediate results - but the key is patience. It is your own hair growing in the transplanted area and it does take time. Hair fall out in the recipient area or in the donor area is also normal. Normally, the patient is seen by the doctor 10 days after the procedure for suture removal. Then, the patient schedules a follow-up appointment 6 months after the procedure to ensure the hair growth is normal. We are on Blogarama!

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