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Posted on : October 14, 2016 | Category : All | Author: John Kahen

Breaking the trend of sky-high prices that clinics charge for hair transplant surgeries, Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Center has many pricing options to reach a vast market of clientele. Offering a limited time special available until October 31, just $3 per graft.

Beverly Hills, CA September 17, 2013

The Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Center aims to heat up the hair restoration industry with affordable hair transplant procedures. Famous for exceptionally high-quality standards and the use of most advanced technology, the center is already a favorite amongst the California populace. However, the Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Center aims to delight its clients with pricing options that appeal to the mass market. For a limited time, the center is offering a special rate of just $3 per graft until October 31, 2013.

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration understands the value of hair from both a physical and emotional standpoint and that the hair transplant cost is insurmountable compared to the natural results provided to patients. This is why the hair restoration surgeries offered at the center are now priced at the most cost-effective rates.

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration – Quality and Value

Not often does a hair restoration clinic offer both value and cost-efficiency. The Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Center sets to offer quality and value at the same time.

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration is considered highly cost-efficient due to the following reasons:

  •     Only a single surgery is carried out daily to ensure attention to detail
  •     Price per graft and actual follicular graft
  •     No loss of graft
  •     Highly skilled ‘artistic’ staff
  •     Complimentary consultation and follow up care

In addition, the Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Center also offers a financing option where patients can choose to pay for their surgery over a period of time. Some of its top-notch offerings are:

  •     Limited offer: Strip Procedure Per Session $3 Per Graft Based On Quantity
  •     Lunch Time 500 Grafts Procedure: $3000
  •     Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): $6 Per Graft

About Beverly Hills Hair Restoration:

Putting the results first, Beverly Hills Hair Restoration aims to offer extreme value to its clientele. More information about Beverly Hills Hair Restoration and its offerings can be found on Call 310.289.0901 to schedule a consultation today!