Hair Restoration: The different types of Hair Transplant Procedures

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Posted on : October 14, 2016 | Category : Hair Transplant | Author: John Kahen

There are several variations available and the most popular and effective of which include:

Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplantation is a procedure in which the surgeon removes areas of hair-bearing scalp from the back or sides of the head and inserts the grafts? to the balding areas. The recognizable term for this technique is ‘grafting’. The newly relocated hairs grows in the transplanted areas that were previously bald. Once the hairs are transplanted they are permanent and can be treated such as you would normally.

Hair flap surgery

Best choice for men with severe baldness. It involves a large flap of skin, on which hair is alive and growing, to be pulled from the back and sides over the top surface area of the bald spot. It is then surgically attached into place. The hair re-roots and begins to grow from its new location, ultimately eliminating any hairless area.

Scalp tissue expansion

A balloon-type mechanism is carefully inserted under the scalp through an incision. A salt-water concoction is added to slowly fill this balloon over time eventually causing a swelling and stretching of the scalp. The looseness actually causes new skin cells to grow. After about two months this skin can be relocated to the area of baldness effectively moving the hair to cover the spot.

Scalp reduction surgery

Also known as ‘advanced flap surgery’ since it is similar in principle except a section of the bald scalp is actually removed; rather than just pulling the skin over the hairless spot. With the reduction the surrounding areas are actually pulled up and connected in place of the absent scalp.