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Posted on : October 14, 2016 | Category : All | Author: John Kahen

Q: It's been two months since my hair transplant procedure and I don't see any hair restoration results. Is this normal? When should I start seeing some growth?

A: When choosing a hair restoration procedure for your hair loss, it's understandable to inquire about the hair restoration results. There are many questions that need to answered by the patient before the surgery and even after the procedure. What question is more common than ever is - When will I see results?

With a hair transplant procedure, it's important to understand that every case is different when it comes to the hair restoration results and when you will see growth. Typically, patients will not see the beginning stages of growth until about the second or third month after the procedure, and that's in the very beginning stages. Around month six is when most start seeing growth and hair restoration results in the transplanted area and it should only progress from there. Typically, a hair transplant clinic will set-up a six month follow-up and then a year follow-up appointment to see the full results. Sometimes the patient can be discouraged when they don't immediately see hair growth but rest assured - it takes time. It is your own hair growing, so it will grow just the same as your own hair.

The 8-10 month period is when patients see the real results that they are looking for from the hair transplant. Again, keep in mind that this does vary from patient to patient and for some it can take up to a year or longer until the full results.