Orange County hair restoration center reveals hair transplant facts

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Posted on : October 14, 2016 | Category : All | Author: John Kahen

When considering undergoing any type of cosmetic surgery, being concerned that there will be problems or side — effects is very natural. Learning the facts is vital for relief of any emotions that may be causing hesitance to go forward with a procedure. Hair restoration is a surgical procedure that both men and women are embarking to permanently correct their hair loss.

Hair restoration is not a major surgery in fact it is commonly thought to be easier than visiting your dentist. It is an outpatient procedure and performed with a local anesthetic. Your scalp is numbed and you are relaxed in a reclined position while the procedure is being performed. After your hair transplant procedure is complete you return home that same day and can carry on with the majority of your normal activities. Patients have even reported no pain and return to work the next day because there are no clear signs of having a hair transplant procedure. Anti- inflammatory medication is commonly prescribed to control and reduce any possible swelling.

A common question asked by individuals considering hair restoration is, will there be any scarring Scarring in the area where the hair follicles were implanted is extremely rare. In the area where the donor hair was removed, a trchophytic closer technique is used to eliminate any scarring; even under close scrutiny scaring is undetectable. With all of the modern development in hair replacement therapy, hair restoration is a surgical procedure that has been successfully satisfying hair loss patients. In the coming post-operative months their hair will begin to grow and thicken, and positively impacting the rest of their lives