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Posted on : October 13, 2016 | Author: John Kahen

A frequently asked question by those considering hair restoration surgery is regarding expectations and the recovery process. Hair loss and hair thinning can be a frusterating thing, but Los Angeles surgeon, Dr. Kahen at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration is here to help!

Immediately following a hair transplant surgery, the scalp will be tender and blushed. Your surgeon will prescribe pain medication; however, we have noticed that the degree of pain is not too significant therefore our patients sometimes choose not to take any pain medication. The patient will leave wearing a surgical cap that is to be worn for the remainder of the day and not required from then forward. Antibiotics and/or anti-inflammatory medication will also be prescribed. Most people are able to return to work right away depending on the line of work they are in. For instance, a cook will probably want to wait a few days before returning to work because kitchen conditions are not safe for the donor and recipient area due to high temperatures. Someone with an office job that requires no strenuous activity may return to work right away. Two weeks is usually adequate time to heal from surgery.

Los Angeles hair restoration surgeon and medical director at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, Dr. John Kahen M.D., supplies his patients with a calendar that provides a timeline as to when the patient can do what. Patients are not to wash their hair for three days after the surgery and after the three days they may wash the scalp with a cup of water for a remaining seven days to avoid injuring the grafts with the pressure of a showerhead. Also, on the second or third day, some patients will experience swelling on the face. The swelling doesn’t last more than a few hours and it’s completely normal. Slight icing should help. In addition to washing instructions, patients are urged to sleep at a 45-degree angle, normally using two pillows at bedtime will suffice. Patients have reported a fairly low pain level and state they mainly feel discomfort upon sleeping. The patient is free to resume all normal activities 10 days after surgery including washing the scalp under a showerhead.

The transplanted hair will begin to shed in four to five. Once the follicles grow back they will be permanent. Hair restoration is a slow process and results vary based hair growth speed of each person. Results will be clear in six to eight months, but full results will take about 12 months.  Some patients will opt for Platelet rich Plasma (PRP) injections to speed up the process and to promote thicker hair.

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Contributing Writer: Michelle Reyes


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