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Posted on : October 14, 2016 | Author: John Kahen | Category: All

About Hair Loss

Hair plays a very important role in any individual’s appearance. One only needs to see a person with different hairstyles to understand the role hair plays in deciding the overall appearance of a person. Since a lot of your confidence comes from the way you look, a receding hairline or a balding head can suck the confidence out of you and can thereby wreak havoc in your social and personal life.

There is always a reason behind hair loss and it is very important to detect the cause before going for any kind of hair treatment. While, generally, hair loss is caused due to genetic factors, it can also be caused by stress, pollution, and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Since hair is so vital in maintaining one’s levels of confidence, people experiencing hair loss are always on the lookout for different types of treatment to get their precious hair back. Hair replacement service (or hair transplantation) is one treatment that has always been very popular with people with hair loss problems.

About Hair Replacement Service

In hair replacement treatments hair follicles from the area of your head that is genetically resistant to going bald (called the donor area), generally, the back of your head is used for hair transplantation. Therefore, it is imperative that you have some good quality hair on your head if you wish to go for the hair replacement service. This is usually not a problem as male pattern baldness will cause hair loss on the top and front of the scalp predominantly.

The Hair Replacement Treatment

The modern hair replacement surgery is done using local anesthesia and so the patient hardly feels any pain. The whole surgical procedure may involve more than one session, the exact number of sessions depending on the extent of hair loss and the patient’s requirements. There are generally no side effects after the treatment and even if there are any, they are not very serious and subside in a couple of days. There may be some redness such as from a pinprick at the donation sites.

Before going for the treatment, one must carefully research the clinics offering hair replacement treatment that you are interested in. You should get the treatment done only from a good clinic (and by an experienced surgeon) even if it is costlier than other clinics because the cheaper clinics will probably use old methods of replacement that might prove disastrous and may leave you regretting your decision for the rest of your life.

The first visit to the clinic is very important because, in the first visit, the doctor gets to understand your particular hair loss problem in detail, which in turn helps him or her to decide the course of your treatment. The doctor may advise you to take antibiotics before the treatment and might also suggest some other pre-treatment precautions. In addition, you must clear all your doubts regarding the treatment in the very first visit and should also ask the doctor in detail about the exact procedure of the surgery.

Recovery From Hair Replacement Surgery

If done with modern equipment by an experienced professional, no bandage is generally required after the replacement surgery and one can even go back to one’s routine the same day. The transplanted hair grows slowly and one must not expect immediate drastic results after the surgery. In fact, the full results of the hair replacement service might even take a year to show. Therefore, the patient should actually be patient in order to see the proper results.

The treatment can give you an approximation of your prior hair density and generally it does not show even on a close examination of the hair, something that has made this treatment very popular. Another advantage of this service is that the transplanted hair requires no special maintenance or care. Though hair replacement surgery is not very cheap, it is worth the requisite investment considering the fact that it can bring about a huge positive change in your life.


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