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Posted on : October 14, 2016 | Category : Hair Loss | Author: John Kahen

Did you know that 95% of pattern baldness for both men and women is caused by a hormone known as dihydrotestosterone? This nasty hormone sneaks up on your hair follicles and silently kills them, and the end result is female pattern baldness.

Dihydrotestosterone is a male hormone combination commonly found in both men and women of all ages. When an excess of this hormone is produced, it can lead directly to the loss of your hair, commonly known as genetic hair loss or male and female pattern baldness.

This DHT hormone surrounds your hair follicles with a wax-like substance; this will basically starve the follicles of much-needed vitamins and nutrients that help them to grow healthy and strong hair. The DHT causes your hair follicles to produce thinner and thinner and more brittle hairs until they simply fall out, and new hair is unable to replace them due to damages DHT has done to the follicle. Leaving you with those tell-tale unsightly bald patches or more common in women thinning across your scalp.

But there is help in the best hair loss solution, these clinically proven formulations can and do work to stop the loss of your hair and help-grow your own natural and sexy healthy hair. These hair loss remedies use the only FDA-approved ingredient on the market that can be used by both men and women and has been proven to help stop further hair loss and re-grow hair.

The topical hair loss solution goes to work ensuring your follicles receive a rich supply of hair-friendly clods filled with the vitamins and nutrients needed to help those hairs grow to be strong healthy and shiny.

Combine this with the oral mineral and vitamin supplements,. and you have a winning combination for hair loss regrowth.

The vitamin and mineral supplements contain all natural ingredients and herbs with powerful DHT blocking abilities, thus ensuring your hair has the very vest chances to defeat the silent killer dihydrotestosterone.