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Posted on : October 14, 2016 | Category : Hair Transplant | Author: John Kahen

When you think about purchasing luxury items, fancy cars, exotic vacations, and dream homes - these aren't the only casualties of a rocky economy. Some who once planned to revise their hair line to boost their self-esteem are thinking twice about going under the knife, leading to a drop in patients opting for hair restoration procedures.

Twenty years ago people thought only movie stars and rich men had hair restoration. Now with the economic pinch, people in every economic bracket can afford hair restoration without having to lower the quality in surgeon they visit. The cost per graft is greatly reduced as the number of grafts per procedure increases. At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration they assert that you will get more value for you money at their office that you will get at any of their competitors- including the so called bargain priced clinics. "Consider not the cost per graft but the cost per graft that grows" recommends our doctor, Dr. John Kahen, M.D. hair transplant surgeon and medical director of Beverly Hills Hair Restoration.

The price per transplanted graft may not be the price you ultimately pay if the procedure is not performed properly. You want to pay for each transplanted graft that grows hair. Additionally, you want that hair to be properly placed with the natural direction of growth. If you lose your grafts due to poor or careless technique, you haven't merely lost your money; you have lost forever living donor tissue, a limited, non-replaceable resource. These facts mean that many people end up paying much more as opposed to a cheap hair transplant to so called "bargain clinics" for each hair that actually grows. At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration we spare no expense in our goal of maintaining our reputation as the best quality work.