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Forehead Reduction Surgery

Reducing the height of the forehead is known as hairline lowering surgery. The surgery performed involves cosmetic surgery. The cause for the broad foreheads can be genetics, hormonal changes, or maybe any remedial surgeries. Thereby, this famous way of reducing the forehead is known as the hairline lowering method. Chiefly, it helps to equilibrium your facial traits to make you appear attractive. Although this method quite varies from an eyebrow transplant. Here, in this article, you will acquire everything about forehead reduction surgery that will cover the following subheadings:

  1. Surgery risks
  2. Time of restoration
  3. How to locate the best surgeon near you. 

The precisely balanced face can equally split into three parts:

  • The distance amid the hairline to the mid-brow
  • The mid-brow to the surface of the nose
  • And from the base of the nose to the chin

Although, not many of the people have this equally balanced trait naturally. People having an excessive vast forehead may feel low- esteem and highly conscious about their looks. Therefore, now you do not have to bother much due to the highly advanced forehead reduction surgery procedure. 

Who is the most suitable candidate for Forehead Reduction Surgery?

The most suitable candidate for the hairline lowering surgery is females with a naturally broad forehead and high hairline. The males with the naturally high hairline or broad forehead were the best candidates for the surgery. Good scalp indulgence is vital, and thus, it is essential to have a detailed consultation with the excellent Dr kahen

Forehead reduction surgery is applied to balance the facial features. The perks of the forehead reduction surgery can be utilized if:

  1. Having a high hairline and aspires to lower your hairline.
  2. A broad forehead and desires to reduce your forehead.
  3. Dense hair that sets not evenly to the height of your hairline.
  4. Light or dense eyebrows and needs to alter the proportions of your face. 
  5. Few months prior had a hair transplant and now prefer to raise your hairline.
  6. Recently had an eyebrow transplant and want to get your hairline forward. 

Though, it's not assured that these states can prove you to be an ideal candidate for forehead reduction surgery. 

In a way, to accomplish success in the surgery, you need to have good scalp flexibility. It should hold the ability of tissue stretchability. If there is any family record of pattern balding, in such a case, forehead reduction surgery might not be an apt choice for you. Moreover, if you are going under any medical treatment, that would bring some risk of surgery complications. Therefore, it is crucial to have a healthy discussion with your doctor before deciding on the surgery.  

What does Forehead Reduction Surgery includes?

It is a surgical procedure that generally performed using general anesthesia. Even local anesthesia also is used to lessen pain and bleeding. 


The subsequent steps will be considered during the procedure:

  1. The part of the forehead that has to get extracted will be market by the surgical marker. The surgeons take good care to ensure that the incision made will not affect the hair follicles and nerves. 
  2. The broad forehead just above the brows gets numbed by using local anesthesia to decrease the pain. 
  3. An incision is made on the portion that was priory marked. The surgeon performs it with complete accuracy. It removes the skin from the connective tissues. After that, cut the area that was observed for the extraction.  
  4. The incision made with the hairline is brought down to join the incision of the forehead. By this, the gap is closed, and the forehead gets shortened. 
  5. The skin is joined so precisely that it lessens the chances of scars. These marks cover the hairline and hair growth.

Though the forehead reduction surgery reduces the height of the forehead and also enhances your looks, but at the same time, it is not necessarily that it will uplift your eyebrows. But if you desire to raise your brows, then you can go for the hairline lowering surgery. 

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It is a non-invasive procedure, so one does not have to suffer much. After the surgery, the person can return to their home after a few hours. After two to three weeks, you can begin with your daily activities and join your office. Until then, the skin will get a suture. After the surgery is executed, you must revisit your surgeon for the observation in about 2 to 4 weeks. The transplant that includes an incision should take a good look after so that the wounds heal properly. It is very crucial to keep yourself hygienic. You must keep a check for any signs of infection where the incision had made. To make your recovery process flawless, your surgeon will provide you with the pre-operative guidelines. It will be about how to take proper care of incisions to avoid any infection or scar risks. Also, it includes pain and swelling.

The probable risks and side effects involved

Almost everything has two phases, good and bad too. Alike, all surgical methods involve risks that are as follows:

  1. bleeding during and after the surgery conducted.
  2. Reaction by using general anesthesia
  3. allergy-causing with general or local anesthesia 
  4. Occurrence of infection in the area of incision made
  5. Damaging of nerve in incision area
  6. paresthesia during the surgery
  7. Hair fall from the area the hairline was cut.
  8. After the restoration of the incision, the scars can appear. 

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Though its number of perks eclipses most people, the risks of the forehead reduction surgery. The risks of scars a long-lasting effect minimizes if highly skilled and well-experienced surgeons do the surgery. One of the surveys from 2020 depicts that if any of the people faced any reactions by experiencing forehead reduction surgery. It was the matter for a year.   

How much does Forehead Reduction Surgery cost?

Forehead reduction surgery comes under the cosmetic procedure. So it could not be covered by medical insurance. It is better to consult the surgeon to get an estimate of the fees involved. The estimation may vary as it relies on several aspects. It also depends on the surgeon and clinic's goodwill.

Is there any substitute for Forehead Reduction Surgery?

If you are not a good candidate for the forehead reduction surgery, then there might be some other options that exist like:

1. Browlift

A person is not a good candidate, and their forehead seems shortened due to low brows. An eyebrow transplant is a good option for them. In this method, manipulating the muscles or moving the eyebrow region's skin lifts the brows. Because in some of the cases, it makes the forehead appears short. 

2. Hair grafting

Due to the high hairline, your forehead seems to be broad or vast. Another option that can be implemented is hair grafting or hair transplantation. In this method, the hair is extracted from the scalp's back and transplanted on the hairline's front. This method also helps to shorten the forehead.

Frequently asked questions about hairline lowering

What are the side effects of hairline lowering?

Likewise, all surgeries, the hairline lowering method, too come with few risks and difficulties. Swelling in the front of the scalp is one of the primary complications that occur. It generally sets up within some

months. Sufferers may also experience some itching during the restoration phase. 

When can a patient socialize in public?

However, the answer to this question differs from patient to patient. The plethora of patients is confident and exposes themselves in public within two days after the surgery. For a fast recovery, you are advised to do light activities. But patients should avoid heavy exercises, bending and, lifting for some weeks.

Does the hairline lowering change the contour of the hairline or forehead?

The surgery might let some minor alterations in the shape of your forehead. Some patients aspire to a slight reduction in the length of their hairline. And hopefully, we achieve it successfully. It also improves the

features and balances your unbalanced forehead and a high hairline. 

Can hair be rinsed after hairline lowering?

Yes. After the surgery, patients might rinse their hair. Although, you require to rinse your hair very soft. As your scalp is very delicate at that moment, or else it can lead to bleeding or wound. 

Is it a permanent solution?

Yes, it is a permanent method that could be complex to undo without skin grafting. Thus, it is essential to opt for a skillful surgeon that can assure you the perpetual outcomes. It is better to have a glance at the before and after photos to set your expectations. 


Hence, forehead reduction surgery which is also known as hairline lowering surgery, is a cosmetic method. It is used to reduce the height of the forehead. Therefore, if you feel that you have an unsymmetrical forehead due to hairline or other features. In this post, we have come up with all the mentioned points. If you think that you are not a suitable candidate for forehead reduction surgery, then there are other alternatives available for you. It is necessary to consult your surgeon. 

Schedule a free hairline lowering consultation

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