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Posted on : October 14, 2016 | Category : All | Author: John Kahen

Some 40 mil­lion peo­ple in the U.S. are los­ing their hair. Whether from the tem­ples, the crown or an over­all thin­ning, every­one is look­ing for a solu­tion from hair restora­tion to med­ical ther­apy and Rogaine. Many of the male patients at our Los Ange­les hair trans­plant clinic inquire about Prope­cia. What are the side effects? Does it actu­ally work?

First, let’s explore how Prope­cia works for hair loss. Ini­tially, Prope­cia (Finas­teride) was devel­oped to shrink enlarged prostate glands. Researchers began to notice that it was also help­ing with hair loss — so a lower-dose was cre­ated for treat­ing hair loss specif­i­cally. So how it works is this: Finas­teride inter­feres with the con­ver­sion of testos­terone to dihydro-testosterone, also known as DHT. DHT, known as the “hair killer” respec­tively, basi­cally kills the hair fol­li­cle activ­ity. Over­time, DHT makes the hair fol­li­cles grow thin­ner and even­tu­ally the hair stops grow­ing alto­gether. So, when Finas­teride blocks the DHT from killing hair fol­li­cles, the thin­ning of hair stops and allows for a more nor­mal growth.

In clin­i­cal stud­ies of the drug, about 20% of men tak­ing a daily dosage for one year grew “mod­er­ate to heavy amounts of new hair after one year.” The num­bers only inched up when the drug was taken for two years. Rogaine is also another option and some­times a cock­tail of both Prope­cia and Rogaine can help for men expe­ri­enc­ing hair loss on the top of their scalp.

Prope­cia got a bad rap when it was reported that the side effects var­ied from low sex drive to occa­sional impo­tence. How­ever, these side effects are not com­mon and typ­i­cally go away when the drug is stopped.

The trick with Prope­cia is patience. You must be will­ing to start a reg­i­men with the drug, and you may not even notice hair growth until 3–4 months after the use.