Designing the Natural Hairline

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Posted on : October 14, 2016 | Author: John Kahen | Category: Hair Transplant

Aesthetic talent is vital in a hair transplant surgeon. It is important to understand the concept of design and how best to make the hairline (the frontal line on the upper forehead) as natural as possible. A truly well designed, the aesthetic hairline is created with one follicular graft at a time on the hairline. This area of the head is called the “hairline zone” and it covers about 1.5 cm at the front, it is the most apparent part of the head thus making it the most important to appear natural. The grafts that are being placed as the front hairline are staggered in a pattern that will appear completely natural as it grows.  The hair is placed with special attention and detail as well; this is done so that when the hair grows, it will lay in such a manner that it flows smoothly along this line. 


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