Can your Shampoo be causing unnecessary hair loss?

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Posted on : October 14, 2016 | Category : All | Author: John Kahen

Most shampoos cause hair loss, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) is a key component in 95% of shampoos that have been singled out as the culprit.  Is your shampoo such a bad boy  It doesn’t have to be, SLS is a potent de-greaser, leaving your hair clean by binding the grease and dirt together leaving it bouncy and clean.

The problem starts after you rinse your hair due to the residue SLS leaves by setting up camp in as well as on our scalp.  Studies show that as part of the normal hair cycle the average person sheds about 100 hairs a day; leaving the hair follicle exposed to an SLS irritation causing the possible death of that follicle and not allowing for regeneration causing hair loss.   SLS free shampoos AKA SLES free shampoos or sulfate-free shampoos are one of the hottest and trendiest products to hit the health-conscious beauty marketplace preventing hair loss. The inexpensive and powerful surfactants in SLS make this agent a cost effective choice for shampoos (as well as household detergents), especially the inexpensive ones. Sulfate-free shampoos are unfortunately difficult to find and are often on the expensive side due to the higher quality ingredients they require.

In addition, sulfate-free shampoos may leave your hair feeling “different” than traditional shampoos because of the alternative surfactants usually found in plant extracts.  Switching to a sulfate-free shampoo might be more expensive, however, it’s money well spent when you consider the health ramifications and to stop hair loss.