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Posted on : October 14, 2016 | Category : All | Author: John Kahen

Unparalleled Results

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration | Dedicated to Natural Results
Hair loss affects millions of people, both men and women, and most people will start to notice some sort of hair loss within their lifetime. Although women and men both experience the condition, it can affect everyone differently. Those who choose to do something about their hair loss typically do a lot of research on the treatments and options to determine what is best for them. But it’s not as easy as many think.

The American Hair Loss Association fully endorses surgical hair restoration to those who will benefit from the procedure but advises to make sure the clinic and surgeon are reputable and trained. The AHLA states on their website that “… there are only a handful of qualified surgeons and surgical staffs performing hair restoration surgery in the US and worldwide.”

As the AHLA states, surgical hair restoration is a beneficial option for the right candidate performed by a qualified surgeon. So with that, it’s necessary we outline the ways that we fall under the AHLA standards of surgical hair restoration as a qualified clinic for hair transplant surgery.

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration is a dedicated clinic owned and operated by a skilled and qualified surgeon and medical doctor that focuses on natural and unparalleled results achieved with an innovative technique.

What sets Beverly Hills Hair Restoration apart from other hair transplant clinics: Results and Technique.


Beverly Hills Hair Restoration is a Los Angeles Hair Transplant clinic known for natural results that provide maximum density and artistry in hair restoration. We design for our patients a natural hairline that is aesthetically pleasing and natural – so the patient walks away feeling confident and satisfied with the results. An undetectable hair transplant is a natural one – and we strive to provide our patients with optimal results.


Our renowned results are achieved with our innovative techniques. Our surgeons achieve superior hair transplant results using a custom edge blade technique and an ultra refined follicular unit transplant. We offer Follicular Unit Extraction, the leading technique in hair restoration procedures today for minimum scarring and maximum results.