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Posted on : October 14, 2016 | Author: John Kahen

The effects of Propecia and the side effects were noted on 1,553 males who took Propecia over a 2 year period. Clinical trials produced the following statistics for Propecia side effects:

  • Decrease in sexual desire: 1.8%
  • Problems with erection: 1.3%
  • Decrease in semen volume ejaculated: 1.2%

To put these figures into perspective, when monitoring Propecia's side effects,  3.8% experienced some kind of sexual dysfunction while 2.1% of the men using a placebo also experienced the same problems. Additionally, these side effects were reversible in the men who discontinued taking Propecia and within some weeks they had disappeared. One point to note is that the stopping of Propecia can result in losing any hair that has been regrown. The drug needs to be taken indefinitely to maintain the hair growth and density. However, if a user discontinued taking the drug after experiencing the Propecia side effects noted above, it is very unlikely he would experience any decrease in hair growth. This is because it takes between three to six months of daily use to see any increase in hair growth and the side effects are experienced well before then. Beverly Hills Hair Restoration is a center of excellence focused and dedicated to hair restoration surgery. The content of the blog is written solely by John Kahen, M.D., a premiere hair transplant surgeon located in Beverly Hills serving Los Angeles, United States, Worldwide.


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