Whats a follicular unit?

Whats a follicular unit?
What is a follicular unit?

A naturally occurring grouping of about one to four hair follicles present in the skin comprises a follicular unit. On average, a follicular unit contains nearly 2.4 hairs.

Follicular Unit Extraction:

One option at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration is FUE. Follicular Unit Extraction is a method of extracting single follicular units, one at a time, from the donor site by using a tiny punch excision. A punch used to extract single follicular units is typically 1mm in diameter or less. This technique is mostly utilized for body hair transplantation, scalp as well as repair of previously transplanted scalp. One of the negative aspects of this technique is it is not suitable for mega sessions where any follicular grafts are needed.

  • Minimally invasive with shorter healing time
  • Does not create a linear scar
  • Performs in procedures that require a limited number of grafts
  • Possible to use on body or beard hair for transplantation if required
  • There are limits on how many grafts obtained in one session
  • Multiple sessions required to equal one strip method procedure
  • Although the individual scars of FUE are small the cumulative scarring from hundreds of thousands of open wounds is significantly greater than from a linear incision.
  • Patients with curly or fine hair are generally not good candidates for FUE.
  • Twice as expensive to achieve the same result as strip method