Losing Hair Rapidly? Get ProActive With Your Hair Loss

Dec 10 2018

Losing an increasing amount of hair strands daily? Don't panic.

Hair loss can stem from several different reasons. Losing hair is a common issue that globally effects many lives. 

The hair follicle, which is the connective tissue that surrounds the root, has its own life cycle causing a strand to fall physiologically.

However, if you're experiencing excessive hair shedding, being proactive with the hair loss is going to allow you to put an end to the hair fall and maintain what you have.

Some of the reasons for hair fall are genetics, male/female pattern baldness, temporary hair loss that usually happens after stress, a shock, or a traumatic event.

Hair thinning can mean two things—either the thickness of your hair strands is reduced or the thickness of your hair, as a whole, is reduced.
Even if it appears that your hair hasn't grown for quite some time, that's already falling into the category of hair loss.

Hair loss can be more gradual. So if you're not paying attention to it, the progression of the hair loss can sneak up on you, and without any prevention, some of the hair follicles can be lost forever.

Hair follicles have a life cycle of three to five years. Meaning, if the strands fall, it will go through phases to replace with new hair.

The cycle of hair fall typically comes as follows :

Anagen is the phase when the hair grows out from the follicles, and the shaft is continuously constructed, increasing the length of your hair.

This can last from two to six years.  

Catagen prepares hair to go into resting. This can last for about two weeks.

Telogen, which takes about five to six weeks, is called the resting phase.

This is when the hair stops growing and eventually falls out to let a new hair replace it. This can last for about 5-6 weeks.

Hair loss occurs when your hair falls out without completing the whole cycle. 

The question that soon faces most people, is can the lost hair follicles grow back?

Yes, you can reactivate the hair follicles and regrow fuller hair if there is still alive dormant hair follicle. However, if you have completely lost the follicle, the only way to replace the hair is a hair transplant.  The key is to be proactive with your hair loss and to use products/medications/supplements that actually work. 

Some of the best products recommended by Beverly Hills Hair Restoration are Viviscal vitamins, Nioxin Shampoos, Finestride/Propecia medication, and Dr. Kahen's Smart PRP®.

While shampoos and vitamins are great to prevent more hair fall, receiving a treatment such as Dr. Kahen's SmartPRP® works synergistically allowing patients to maintain the hair they have, stimulate new follicle growth, and prevent future hair loss. 

Hair loss is regressive, meaning that over time more and more hair will fall. With this being said it is important to stay consistent with your hair loss prevention regime.  

Hair transplants are a permanent solution to hair loss, however, the maintenance of a prevention is the best way to be in control of your hair loss.