Ultra Refined Follicular Transplant

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At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, we adopted one of the most innovative techniques in hair restoration ? our ultra refined follicular unit transplant. Whether its Follicular Unit Extraction or the Strip Harvesting Technique, our Los Angeles hair restoration clinic performs hair transplant surgery using the smallest recipient incisions for natural results and the quickest recovery. Micro-surgical blades are even smaller today than the size of the hair grafts. This enables us to make even smaller (tiny) graft incisions.

Why Hair Transplant Surgery?

As hair transplant surgical techniques advance and adapt to the expectations of the patient, an artistic and natural result relies solely on the skill and technique of the hair transplant surgeon ? and is more expected today than ever before. Its not as simple as just extracting and implanting follicular units during a hair transplant procedure- its truly an art form. Our surgeons at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration are artists in designing the hairline, graft placement and overall technique and skill. Hair Transplant surgery is an option for both men and women suffering from hair loss who are seeking lifelong permanent solutions.

The Benefits of Hair Transplant Surgery:


Keep Your Follicles

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