Our Patient Testimonials | Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Review

Our patient testimonials speak for themselves. Discover what sets Beverly Hills Hair Restoration review apart from other Los Angeles hair restoration clinics.

"My Hair was so thin and damaged before Dr. Kahen's Smart PRP®, now it is thick and strong and literally GLOWS! I have never felt so free to style my hair without the risk of hair loss. Thank you Beverly Hills Hair Restoration!"

-Amanda Fronkowiak

“It has now been one year, and I could not be happier!!I feel younger and I like how I look again!! Dr. Kahen and his staff were 100% professional and the procedure went very very smooth.”

-David Fred

“Best thing that ever happened to me! I was really very bold and my personal life was in a horrible state cause I had no self-esteem. Thank you Dr. Kahen!!!!!”

-Anthony M.

“Dr. Kahen is amazing! He uses his own technique customized to each patient. I now have a very natural looking full head of hair with no receding hairline!”


“I had minimal swelling and was back at work a few days later. The results were great! I highly recommend Dr. Kahen!”


“I did the prp treatment five months ago and my hair not only got fuller and thicker it also grew longer.  Dr Kahen you are the best.  Thank you.  Thank you and thank you.”

-Dave D.

“I met with a few other Hair Restoration Surgeons and Dr.Kahen blew the others out of the water. His before and after pictures were the best, the way he educated me on the details of the surgery and perform a thorough hair and scalp analysis.”

-Zandra T.

“Dr. Kahen upholds the highest standards of care and surgical work.”


“Dr. Kahen completely out-did all the other surgeons I met with- from consultation to procedure, everything was perfect.I could not be any happier with my entire experience at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration.”

-Rushel G.

“Dr. Kahen is extremely knowledgeable, he gave me all the time I needed, answered all my questions, and helped me from beginning to end.”

-Vicente M