Celebrities and Hair loss

Feel Fabulous February

Sep 01 2015
Forget about Cupid on the 14th. The only person you need to love is yourself…and when we say love yourself we mean it. Give yourself a Valentine’s gift for once and rid yourself of hair loss problems. This month Beverly Hills Hair Restoration is offering some pretty snazzy low rates because we believe in our practice and we love the natural results Dr. Kahen can achieve. We want to share our ex... Read More

Why Cosmetic Surgery is on the Rise

Oct 13 2016
Cosmetic Surgery (CS) is a fairly new medical phenomenon. It used to be a treatment that sort of had an unknown reputation. People were unsure about its liabilities and what such a procedure entailed. However, through all the uncertainty, CS remained an extremely appealing procedure because it was the first thing to ever really be able to make people look younger. In our society, the concept of “aging... Read More