Celebrities and Hair loss

Non Surgical Options for Hair Restoration

Sep 01 2015
There is little that men can do to stop from losing their hair, but Beverly Hills Hair Restoration can offer you some hair loss treatment options that may restore some hair loss and rid you from the stress of losing your youth. If you are considering treatment and wish to go the non-surgical route, then these medications may be your answer. There are currently two hair loss drugs that actually work. They... Read More

Truth Vs Myths About Hair Loss Prevention

Apr 30 2019
With all of the trending fads on aesthetics and self-care, it is difficult to differentiate the difference between helpful and harmful hair care. Many salons push clients to apply tons of products to their hair. Oils, serums, being advised to skip days of washing to preserve the quality of the hair. However, not every head is created equally, especially true for those experiencing hair loss.  The be... Read More