Eyebrow Hair Transplant

May 11 2016
Eyebrows are a central part of a person’s face, which is why they are so important. Here is some basic information and frequently asked questions about Eyebrow Hair Transplant and Restoration in LA 1. How does Eyebrow Hair Transplant in LA work?  Eyebrow transplant involves the placement of hair follicles extracted from your scalp and then transplanted to the thinned or bald eye... Read More

Why Cosmetic Surgery is on the Rise

Oct 13 2016
Cosmetic Surgery (CS) is a fairly new medical phenomenon. It used to be a treatment that sort of had an unknown reputation. People were unsure about its liabilities and what such a procedure entailed. However, through all the uncertainty, CS remained an extremely appealing procedure because it was the first thing to ever really be able to make people look younger. In our society, the concept of “aging... Read More
Celebrities and Hair loss

Why People Need Hair Restoration

Oct 13 2016
Body image is a defining component of our society today. All over billboards, commercials, movies, and posters (among others), companies hinge their marketing and advertising campaigns on the notion of beauty, perfection, and style. One of the more obvious examples of this new norm of self-image can be seen in the Carl’s Jr. advertising campaigns of their juicy burgers. Instead of focusing on the qual... Read More