Ways To Prevent Hairloss From Tight Hair Styles

Nov 07 2018

It would seem like common sense if something is uncomfortable, don't do continue to do it. However, in today's world, many people feel the need to compromise with pain for beauty. When someone wears tight, high ponytails or tight braids it puts tension on your hair follicles. Follicles are small pockets of your skin that surround the root of a hair. The nerves and blood vessels in your scalp feed the roots of your hair.

When someone pulls your hair back tightly and up high, it puts your hair at a sharp angle which causes tension on that follicle unit and causes some strangulation. And because there are nerve endings on the scalp, this tension can cause pain—even more so if your hair is long or thick or if you're wearing extensions because that adds extra weight on the ponytail. This causes even more traction on the hair follicle which can lead to traction alopecia. 

It’s not just pain you have to worry about—this kind of tension on your hair follicles can cause permanent damage.
Chronic traction on the hair follicles can cause permanent thinning of the hair and bald spots; traction alopecia. 

When someone begins to put tension on the hair shaft and hair follicle, that constant and chronic pressure leads to eventual destruction of that hair shaft and harm to the follicle itself. 

Luckily, it is possible to stop this kind of hair loss before it becomes permanent. So, if you start to notice some hair loss after wearing your hair a certain way, you'll want to stop immediately. Initially, this hair loss can be temporary, but with time it can become permanent, thus the only thing to fix this issue would be a hair transplant. 

This doesn't mean that people have to stop wearing these hairstyles altogether, it just means where them in moderation. Doing anything constantly is not a good idea in the first place. 

People need to let their hair have versatile styles. Try to let the hair relax as much as possible and keep the high tension dos to a minimum.