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Posted on : September 26, 2016 | Category : Hair | Author: John Kahen

Acell is a new advancement in regenerative medicine, that uses naturally occurring collagen to heal and remodel damaged cells. Acell uses a re-absorbable  extracellular matrix to stimulate the body’s own cells to encourage new tissue growth, known as “auto cloning”. This product is then implanted into damaged  tissue, such as acute wounds and burns or to compliment other surgical procedures.  Acell, Inc., is a privately held company established in Maryland. The company’s patented devices are trademarked MatriStem and manufactured in the USA.

Acell’s naturally occurring bio-scaffold  MatriStem system makes tissue soft and supple rather than leaving scar tissue because of the collagen structure. While Acell can be used to support re-growth and remodeling of the body’s own tissue as a stand-alone service, it can also be used in conjunction with hair restoration . When combined with platelet rich plasma (SmartPRP®) , Acell promotes the growth of new blood cells and can potentially awaken dormant hair follicles. By encouraging the body’s regenerative cells, Acell can potentially promote hair multiplication for male and female hair