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Posted on : October 14, 2016 | Category : Hair | Author: John Kahen

When it comes to hair loss the male and female population will have experienced it before the age of 30. However, the process of hair baldness differs for each individual. For a number of people, baldness is a genetic condition like androgenic alopecia or progressive hair thinning, which is a common type of hair loss.

Hairline in women will not recede as compared to men; however, the hair becomes thinner all over the head and it may lead to total baldness. While men at age 20 or even less get receding hairlines that look like a letter M, wherein hair thinning will start at the crown and around the sides of the head.

Another condition or type that causes hair loss is the alopecia areata; it is often called spot hair baldness and occurs in all areas of the body causing loss of hair, especially on the scalp. There are two types of alopecia: while alopecia totalis is a total hair loss on the scalp, the alopecia Universalis is a total loss of all body hair.

Whatever term suits the description or differentiation of hair loss, hair baldness, or hair balding, the fact still lies that at some point in an individual’s life the process of going bald may occur. Devastating as it may seem, there are solutions and various options for hair loss sufferers and if properly treated in the early stages, the progression can be put to a halt.