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Posted on : October 14, 2016 | Author: John Kahen | Category: Hair Transplant

Hair transplant surgery can sometimes have a post surgical inflammation to one or more hair follicles called Folliculitis. This however is a minor post hair transplant infection of transplanted grafts after hair transplant surgery which is a common complication that will resolve with or without treatment.

When presented with Folliculitis, little red pimple like bumps will appear on the hair transplanted area, most patients will ask: “am I supposed to be on antibiotics Will this hinder in any way new hair growth on the transplanted area?” Inflamed hair follicles, or Folliculitis in the transplanted area is considered very normal among hair transplant patients a few days after the transplant procedure. In some cases Folliculitis can occur up to a few months post surgery.

Usually at the post surgical check-up the hair transplant surgeon will examine the affected area and determine whether or not antibiotics will be used for the healing of the infection. Antibiotics are only needed when the infection does not go away on its own and the lesions get read and swollen due to infection and inflammation beneath the skin. This is considered extremely rare however still notable.

Folliculitis does not pose an issue to the normal growth of the transplanted hair and it normally goes away in 2-3 weeks and it does not require any special treatment.


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