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Posted on : October 14, 2016 | Author: John Kahen | Category: Hair Loss

The fact is, if you are starting to lose your hair then the earlier you start to deal with the problem the longer you will be able to keep your hair. Like most other medical conditions, if you treat the underlying problem early it is much easier, and much cheaper, than if you wait till it gets out of hand. As soon as you start to see extra hairs laying on your pillow in the morning, or a clump in the shower drain, you need to have a plan to buy a hair loss treatment and start using it.

Of course, the big question then is which product or products should you buy. Before you can answer that question you need to understand what is the underlying cause of your hair loss in the first place. Over 9 out of 10 men who experience early hair loss do so because of a hereditary medical condition called Androgenic Alopecia. The common name for this is Male Pattern Baldness. This name comes from the fact that men will tend to lose their hair in one of two pattern areas. Either they see thinning on the crown of the head which is the top, or they will have a receding hair line above the forehead. If left untreated these two areas will migrate toward each other and eventually combine.

The cause of this thinning is what you actually need your hair loss remedy to treat. Within your body there are many hormones and hormonal substances. They actually are the messengers which keep your systems operating properly. One of these, the male hormone testosterone has many functions, but for our purposes we are interested in what happens when it is metabolized by the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. When this happens a new substance is formed called Dihydrotestosterone. This is actually the metabolite which is responsible for male pattern baldness. Many hair replacement products focus on the scalp and the health of the hair shaft, because this is easier to do, and they neglect the real cause which is DHT. Any product you choose must deal with what causes hair loss at the root.

There are two methods of slowing or stopping the affect of DHT. The first is to block the production of it. The FDA has approved an oral medication, Finasteride, which seems to work well but it has many negative side effects. These include loss of libido, sex drive, in men and potential birth defects for pregnant women. Because of this many people shy away from this drug. Two natural alternatives are Saw Palmetto extract and Stingy Nettle Root. Both of these also seem to limit the amount of DHT produced.

The second way of dealing with the problem is to protect the hair follicles, (hair roots) from attack in the first place. Another FDA approved drug, Minoxidil, does a good job of this by bonding with the receptors on the hair roots that the dihydrotestosterone would normally bond to. This drug is actually used by both men and women and it is applied to the scalp topically twice a day.

Start today to deal with your hair loss and be sure you are actually treating the root cause and not just the surface issues involved.


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