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Posted on : May 16, 2016 | Author: John Kahen | Category: Hair Loss

Over fifty percent of men will experience pattern baldness or even complete hair loss, and because of this, hair restoration treatments have become a billion dollar industry. Not all hair restoration treatments are created equal, though, but luckily, there are some that have been proven to work for most people.

There are only two types of drugs that are approved by the FDA to restore your hair. The first is Minoxidil (more commonly known as Rogaine). It was originally developed as a high blood pressure medication, but soon it was discovered that it had a side effect of hair growth. Though sometimes taken orally, it is more often applied directly to the scalp. About half of the men who tried it in the study found a significant difference.

The other is Finasteride, which is an aza-steroid. This one is a DHT inhibitor (Dihydrotestosterone), and found to grow hair. When subjects were given only one milligram of this daily for a two year study, over 83% of men found that they had much more hair growth.

As everyones chemical composition and genes are different, it is difficult to say which one would work best for you. Contacting your physician could help enlighten you on which path you should take. However, many people out there, though they want to stop their pattern baldness, have an aversion to the chemicals needed to do this.

Luckily, you can try a few natural remedies first. Saw Palmetto is a natural herb supplement not endorsed by the FDA (as many herbals are not), it has shown isoforms of 5-alpha-reductase, which can inhibit hair growth. For some, this is all they need.

Whatever method you choose to try, adding daily aerobic exercise will definitely enhance it. When the body works out in this way it lowers insulin levels, which then raises testosterone levels. Since many balding men show a lower than average male hormone level, by raising it, you can give your hair a natural advantage for regrowth. Pairing this with a moderate diet (nothing too drastic) and you will be well on your way to a fuller head of hair.

Since most men do not want the stress and possible embarrassment of fake hair, regrowth is the perfect solution. Science is continually advancing the hair restoration treatment process, and the treatments are getting better and better. No longer do you have to rely on old wives tales or resign yourself to your current state ? now with medical treatments you can be on your way to an even better you!


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