Goodbye MicroBlading, Hello Real Eyebrows

Eyebrow Transplants Are the Hottest New Thing For Fierce Brows

Oct 12 2018

In today's world, beauty trends come and go as quickly as the seasons. However, something that never goes out of style is the eyebrow. Ah yes, these face defining bushes can seemingly change the whole facial structure. From bushy brows to thin, to filled, to shaved off, to drawn on, the possibilities are endless. 


The hottest trend on maintaing "fleeky" eyebrows is having them microbladed. Hazzah! A permanent solution to cease the expense of makeup and product. Right? Wrong! These microbladed brows have to retouched, as with any other tattoo, and become distorted and blotchy over time. The purpose of this treatment is to eliminate the use of makeup, but for most people, they still fill in the eyebrows.



Will it ever end? The constant upkeep and the false glimmer of hope of finally living a makeup-free life. YES! It can end. At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, Dr. Kahen has perfected the art of PERMANENT eyebrow replacement. Having an eyebrow transplant can eliminate the hassle and the grooling upkeep of semi-permanent eyebrow trends



Eyebrow transplants can be as unique as the individual. The hair is genetically programmed to grow for life and can be plucked, trimmed, and tailored to however the individual is feeling at that point and time in their life. The glory behind having transplanted eyebrow hair is that you can also pick the shape and thickness of them as well!



Nothing looks as good as real does! Sure makeup and micro needling can be fun, but the best permanent solution to get those brows looking fierce is an eyebrow transplant. With little downtime and a procedure that can be done in one day, while the person is awake, sounds like a small sacrifice to make for a lifetime of glamorous.