The Best Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

Truth Vs Myths About Hair Loss Prevention

Apr 30 2019

With all of the trending fads on aesthetics and self-care, it is difficult to differentiate the difference between helpful and harmful hair care. Many salons push clients to apply tons of products to their hair. Oils, serums, being advised to skip days of washing to preserve the quality of the hair. However, not every head is created equally, especially true for those experiencing hair loss. 

The best thing for people experiencing hair loss to do is to bust the myths and research the facts. If your hair is falling out, the key is prevention. Ignore the hoopla of the serums and creams, they will only block the follicle and stunt further growth and promote shedding. 

At BHHR we recommend 
• Washing your hair daily. Keeping the scalp clean and build up free is crucial for creating a healthy environment for hair to grow. 
• Be sure that the shampoo you are using contains DHT blockers such as Revivogen or Nioxn
• Take a supplement/medication to promote the growth of your miniaturized follicles and also prevent hair fall. Great vitamins to promote a healthy scalp is Viviscal or prescription medications such as Finasteride or Propecia. 
• Receiving Platelet-Rich Plasma treatments such as Dr. Kahen's Smart PRP® is the strongest solution to preventing hair fall and nourishing the hair follicles to ensure a healthy head of hair 
• Wearing hats is not making your hair fall out. Wearing dirty caps is what is clogging your pores preventing hair stimulation. 

Oftentimes the best solution is simplicity. Keep a clean scalp and stay away from oils and heavy hair creams. Although the homemade hair growth masks uphold lots of appeal, know that a beauty blogger is not a reliable source to obtain information, do your research, ask the professionals, and get the facts the first time. If you have questions about your hair fall and how to prevent it, feel free to reach out to Beverly Hills Hair Restoration.

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