HairDX Genetic Testing for Genetic Hair Loss

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The main objective of the HairDx Genetic test is the identification of people who are likely to experience Pattern Hair Loss.

What is the HairDX Genetic Test?

The HairDx genetic test is a screening test predicting hair loss in patients with Pattern Hair Loss or Androgenetic Alopecia. It gives the indications of genetic hair loss and is one of the first steps in genetic hair loss diagnosis. Once the cause of the hair loss is determined, it becomes easier to carry on with the hair restoration procedures. Diagnosis at an earlier or preclinical stage has greater likelihood of success.

Who should use the HairDx test?

The HairDx genetic test conducted for Male Pattern Hair Loss helps to determine the specific variation in the androgen receptor gene, AR found on the X chromosome. Changes in the hair follicles response to dihydrotesterone or DHT are caused by the variant AR gene, resulting in the alterations in the hair growth cycle.

*There are 70% chances of developing Male Pattern Hair Loss in males who test positive for the variant AR gene.

*Conversely, there are 70% chances of not developing Male Pattern Hair Loss in males who test negative for the variant AR gene.

What will the results mean for women?

For determining genetic hair loss in women, the HairDx genetic test provides the CAG report score which shows the Female Pattern Hair Loss. If the CAG score is less, there are higher chances of significant hair loss (Ludwig grade ll or lll hair loss).On the other hand, a higher CAG score means lesser probability of hair loss.

How is the HairDX test performed?

The HairDx test is conducted with the help of HairDx genetic test kit available at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration. Cheek swab is collected as genetic sample and sent to the HairDx laboratory for analysis. On the completion of the genetic analysis, the test results are reported to Dr. Kahen for further treatment


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