Hair Transplant Surgeon VS The Human Touch

Why The Hair Transplant Robot Will Not Deliver The Same Result As A Skilled Surgeon

Oct 02 2018

       Although technology is the driving force of our society, sometimes the human touch delivers unmatched results, even against our A.I. counterparts. There are many companies building robots to perform hair transplant surgeries, however, there are numerous reasons why the hair transplant performed by a robot will deliver subpar results in comparison to a skilled surgeon.


       The robot does not have the gentle human touch that delivers precise results.  The robot procedure leaves behind lots of aesthetically displeasing scarring. The robot leaves behind large punch holes and a grid marking on your head. The larger punch holes are due to the large needle size needed with the robot to extract the hair follicle. A fine needle with a light hand will give a person a beautiful, scar less, head of transplanted hair. The robot also leaves markings on the scalp from where the grid was held to keep the cites accurate and precise. These seemingly small details can make a huge impact on the overall outcome of the hair transplant. The goal look of a hair transplant is to look as if you have never had one.

      Not only is the appearance of the hair important, but the health of the hair follicle, and the comfort during the whole experience matter as well. When the robot extracts the hair follicle the suction can destroy or damage the follicle, leaving it in a state unable to regrow. Without being able to grow, a person is left with sporadic hair growth and bald patches. When done by a doctor, the hair follicle is extracted carefully and safely, allowing the follicle to flourish.


      While having a surgery, comfort is key! The positioning during a robot procedure can be exhausting and uncomfortable. Sitting in a chair for several hours hunched over does not sound like the ideal day. Most robot procedures also take up to two days, having the patient leave then return for your procedure the next day is exhausting! With a real doctor, the procedure can be made as comfortable as it can be for you, taking breaks to use the restroom, stretch, even watch NetFlix. Getting the procedure done in one day, in a comfortable setting, with a doctor you trust is the best way to embark on your hair restoration endeavors.


      Making the decision on which surgery is best for you can be exhausting. However, thorough research on the types of procedures, the doctor you choose, and finding a synergy of them all to discover which best suits you will allow the decision making the process to be a breeze. Although technology and innovation are crucial in developing our society, sometimes, the human is the greatest tool.