FACIAL - BODY Hair Transplant

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For many men facial or body hair is a desired feature. At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration we take pride in our techniques; we provide our patients with impeccable results. The absence of hair can be caused by factors such as genetics, trauma to the skin, hormonal imbalances, or over plucking. Our procedures are performed by taking the hair from a donor area and transplanting the hair to the desired area.

Body Hair Transplant

Body hair transplant is performed using the FUE technique. Generally, we use donor hair from the scalp. This hair can be applied to any area of the body. Common areas for body hair transplants are: chest, abdomen, and the pubic area. During your consultation we can discuss all options and create a customized treatment plan to obtain optimal results.

When preparing for your body hair transplant procedure, we customize each treatment plan to the patient’s desired density and the size of the area they wish to cover. The procedure can take between 3-8 hours to perform. By the second day post-op, our patients can resume their everyday activities. The transplanted hairs will fall out around two weeks post-op. At three months post-op new hair will begin regrow.

The Facial Hair Transplant

Patients who request this procedure are interested in adding density to their beard and/or mustache. The donor hair will continue to grow the way it did in the area it was taken from. Therefore, patients will need to groom the hair in the same manner with periodic trimming.

This procedure will require donor hair from the scalp. This procedure is similar to FUE; the donor hair is transplanted to the face instead of the scalp. This procedure can take 4-8 hours to complete, which all depends on the area we need to cover. Patients can expect recovery to last 2-3 days. Just like with other hair transplant procedures, the hair will fall out after a few weeks and then it’ll regrow after 3-4 months. We expect our patients to see maximum growth around 6-9 months post-op.


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