Eyebrow Restoration

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We perform eyebrow restoration at our Los Angeles hair restoration clinic for both men and women looking to achieve more density in the area. For men, the loss of eyebrow hairs is typically hereditary, while for women its usually a result of "over-plucking" of the brows or hormonal imbalances. The eyebrow hair restoration procedure is intended to permanently restore the eyebrows by transplanting the patients own hair from the donor area to the brow area. The procedure is minimally invasive and one session typically will last about 2-3 hours - patients are able to go back to normal activity within a few days, depending on the patient.

Why We Lose Our Eyebrows

There are many reasons why people begin to notice thinning in the eyebrow area. Sometimes, it can simply be due to overplucking of the eyebrows. When the hair is being constantly pulled out at the root, it can cause the hairs to grow back finer, thinner or stop growing back over time. Another cause of eyebrow hair loss can be from certain medications such as birth control pills (which alter hormones in the body). Other medications that cause this are seizure medications, aspirin, blood thinners and chemotherapy treatments. When you visit our clinic for your complimentary consultation, the doctor will first determine what is causing the eyebrow hair loss to determine if you are a candidate for eyebrow restoration.

The Procedure

For eyebrow restoration, patients have a procedure that ranges from 50 to as many as 350 grafts per side- however, as many as 375 grafts can be transplanted into a single eyebrow. We precisely transplant the hairs in directions of the natural growth pattern of the eyebrow so the hair transplant is undetectable - and achieves the most natural results.

Hair grafting and eyebrow restoration are two milestones achieved in the hair restoration procedure through technical advancements. Eyebrow restoration procedures effectively restore density or normal anatomy, for both cosmetic and reconstructive purposes.

For services in eyebrow restoration or to get more information about eyebrow restoration and the procedure, contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation


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