The Danger of Hair Extensions

Celebrity Stylist Speaks the Truth About The Damage Hair Extensions Can Cause

Oct 09 2018

Her clients are A-listers…think Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj. However, hairstylist to the stars, Kim Kimble is growing more and more concerned with the growing number of her African American clients who are experiencing hair loss.  So she is issuing a warning to the black community about the chief causes to why the black community is more susceptible to hair loss and what solutions, if any,  can be implemented to stop this epidemic.            

 “One of the culprits behind hair loss stems from the constant tension and pressure exerted on the scalp due to the use of braids, hair extensions, and wigs,” said Kimble.  “The scientific name is Traction Alopecia, which is caused by inflammation of the follicle when the hair is being pulled too tight for too long.  Its responsible for much of the widespread hair loss in our community.  Also, too many stylists apply extensions with the hair braided underneath, which further fuels hair loss.  And there are some hair treatments including straightening that, if applied in less than capable hands, can cause baldness.”

           A recent New York Times article explained that hair loss often occurs in phases. Pain and little bumps around the follicle, called Traction Folliculitis, are the first signs that a style is too tight. Subsequent thinning and Traction Alopecia can still be reversed. After that, when the follicle is put under repeated tension, it scars over and the hair stops growing permanently. This is called Scarring Alopecia.

           For clients who are suffering from hair loss, Kimble recommends that they see board-certified surgeon John Kahen, M.D. of Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, who has pioneered a new 30-minute procedure called Smart PRP®.  It involves using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) through injections to stimulate hair growth. Using the body’s own tissue regeneration mechanism, it strengthens small hairs, stimulates the growth of new hair follicles and improves color pigmentation.

           “Smart PRP involves taking the patient’s blood and spinning it in a high-speed centrifuge to isolate the most potent stem cells,” explained Dr. Kahen, who said that this technique generates billions more platelets and growth factors than any other PRP technology currently available.  “The resulting hair growth has been extraordinary and results are evident in as few as 30 days.”

            Dr. Kahen says that it’s best to avoid exerting pressure and tension on the scalp or using chemicals that can result in hair loss.

            “While some say such techniques are simply the price of beauty, I say beware…know your stylist and know the long-term effects of the treatments,” he warned.  “If you feel pressure and tension in your scalp or exhibit any other complication due to hair treatment, consider going to another stylist.”